Charcoal briquette production line sold to Myanmar

The charcoal briquette production line is used to make charcoal with biomass materials. The raw materials include wood chips, sawdust, bamboo, rice husk, stalk, coconut shells, and waste wood leftovers. The large biomass materials like logs need to be crushed into small sawdust, then they need to be dried in a drying machine until their moisture is under 12%. The most important step is the sawdust briquette making machine, which will extrude biomass briquettes under high temperature and high pressure. Because of the high density, long burning time, and excellent quality, this kind of charcoal is very popular in the charcoal market and industry.


Working video of sawdust briquette machine

Details of charcoal machines purchased by Myanmar customer

Our client is a businessman who does charcoal business. He has his own charcoal processing factory locally. Because the machines in the factory have become old and the production capacity has declined after many years of use, he wants to buy a new production line. In the process of looking for a seller, he saw our charcoal machine channel on YouTube, so he contacted our sales manager and said his needs. After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager Crystal made two quotations, reflecting different quality machines, allowing customers to choose by themselves.

Finally, after constant communication with the sales manager, the customer chose a wood crusher, a hammer mill, 3 sawdust briquette machines, a sawdust dryer, a carbonization furnace, and related auxiliary equipment.

Why do Myanmar customer buy charcoal production line from us?

  • Crystal, our sales manager, made two different quotations after understanding the needs of customers, so that customers can clearly compare which one is more suitable for them and have more choices.
  • In terms of communication with customers, the sales manager always responds in time when the customer has doubts, which effectively solves the customer’s problem.
  • Due to some special reasons, the customer cannot see the factory in person, we provide the customer with a video to see the factory, showing the customer the strength of our company, so as to eliminate the customer’s doubts and gain his trust.

Charcoal machines shipped to Myanmar

After confirming that the machine is in good condition, our factory staff pack the machines one by one into the car, and the sales manager Crystal also accompanies the whole delivery site to ensure that the machine is correct and the number of accessories is accurate.

Delivery time20working days
Warranty:12 months
Total power:100.5kw
Total workers:2-3 workers
Total area:150-200m2