Coal briquette production line exported to Romania

Good news! Coal briquetting machine and related equipment like wood hammer crusher were sent to Romania. It is not the first time that WOOD machinery has exported the coal briquette production line to foreign countries. We attach great importance to the customer’s buying experience and will do our best to provide better service for our customers.

How did our Romania customer find us?

A customer from Romania saw a video of our charcoal ball press machine on YouTube, he clicked to visit our channel and was delighted to see the machine he wanted. Then he found us via Whatsapp. After receiving the customer’s information, our sales manager got in touch with the customer for the first time.

Confirming customer needs

After communicating with the customer, we confirmed the demand: the customer needs a WD-BP430 machine and related equipment. The customer has a coal processing plant in Romania, which has always been producing briquettes. This year, the factory decided to expand its business and produce briquettes, so it is ready to invest in a related machine.

After understanding the situation, our sales manager configured him a production line, including a coal pulverizer, twin shaft mixers, a coal briquetting machine, a packaging machine and conveying devices. Because the customer’s output is relatively large, and they are still using relatively old traditional mixers, we recommended the twin-shaft mixer to him. The customer also believes that they can greatly improve efficiency and expand production, so they purchased two sets. In terms of packaging, we recommend a quantitative packaging machine, which has a high level of automation and can save labor costs. We have tried our best to meet the customer’s request and he is very satisfied.

Packing machine
quantitative packaging machine

Coal briquette production line pictures for Romania customer

Due to the epidemic, the Romania customer could not come to the site to operate the machine, so our technicians assembled the complete production line in the factory and sent the video and pictures to the customer. The customer is very satisfied and the machines are now loaded and shipped to Romania.

Specific parameters of coal briquette production line

Belt conveyorPower:3kw
Crusher machinePower:7.5kw*2
Capacity:5-10 tons per hour
Number of hammers:24 pcs
Weight of hammers:2.5kg /pcs
The thickness of steel:8mm
Double-shaft mixer machinePower:15kw
Charcoal ball press machineModel: WD-BP430
Capacity:5-7 tons per hour
Packing machinePacking weight:10-50kg per bag
bags per