Wood Machinery’s innovations for wood shredding machines

May 10,2022

Why do our factories need to be innovative with wood shredding machines, just like other manufacturers who sell only one kind isn’t it easier? Although it is easier to produce only one kind of wood shredder, when we communicate with our customers, some of them need special models.

Movable diesel engine wood shredding machine

For example, there is a customer who needs to take the shredder to work in the woods, then it is difficult to move the machine with normal specifications without wheels. So our factory developed and researched the wood shredding machine with wheels to meet the needs of such customers. But while it is convenient to move, there is no stable power source in the woods, so our workers installed diesel engine on the machine to generate electricity.

This innovation was widely appreciated by our customers, and our factory started mass production of these movable, diesel-powered wood shredders.

Diesel engine wood crushing machine 1

Special inlets of wood shredding machine

Flat inlet for soft materials

Another customer needs to use a wood shredder, but he not only needs to shred branches, but also a lot of straw, straw and other fine and soft materials. After understanding this special situation, our factory added another feed opening opposite to the original feed opening of the shredding machine in order to facilitate the customer’s work.

This inlet is designed to be flat, with a larger area, and can put a lot of straw and other soft materials at one time. The customer was very satisfied after seeing our design drawings and quickly placed the order. After receiving the shredding machine, our customer could use it to crush the straw very well, and this innovation made our factory also get better reputation and higher experience benefit.

Crushers with double inlets
Crushers With Double Inlets

Larger inlet for branches

General wood crusher entrance is relatively small, suitable for putting slender logs, but some customers’ raw materials are dry branches, they grow more scattered and hard, it is difficult to enter the crusher from the small inlet. In order to solve this problem, our plant expands the feeding area based on the original inlet, and the unique design facilitates the entry of branches into the shredder. It solves the customer’s problem.

Wood crushers with double inlets
Wood Shredding Machine With A Larger Inlet


After years of innovative experience, our factory is now strong enough to customize machines for customers and design wood pricessing machines according to their different materials and usage needs,including wood chipper and wood shaving making machine. Welcome to consult at any time.

To sum up, mechanical design and innovation is an important part of the mechanical engineering field. Our factory has solved many problems in the production process for our customers through the continuous transformation of the performance of the wood crusher, design. Constantly improving and innovating the performance of the machine can not only bring more economic benefits to the enterprise, but also improve the overall productivity of the whole society.