Is it necessary to buy a charcoal briquette dryer?

May 07,2022
Honeycomb charcoal
honeycomb charcoal

Before our customer purchase our charcoal briquette making machines, in order to save cost, they always ask our sales manager wheather they don’t buy a charcoal briquette dryer or not. Because they think charcoal can also be dried out of water by being exposed to the sun outdoors.

So here is a question: is it necessary to buy a charcoal briquette dryer?

Natural drying is not desirable

In response to above question, our sales staff generally recommend customers to buy a charcoal briquette dryer at the same time as the charcoal machine. The reasons are as follows.

  • Charcoal can be partially dried in outdoor sunlight, but the outdoor temperature changes frequently and it is difficult to keep the charcoal drying at a constant temperature.
  • If the customer’s production is large, transporting a large amount of heavy charcoal outdoors is a time-consuming and labor intensive task in itself, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced.
  • Assuming that the charcoal is moved outdoors to a place with good sunlight, the overlapping of a large amount of charcoal will cause the lower layer of charcoal to dry unevenly and not be dried thoroughly, which will affect the use effect.
  • Because the weather condition is unpredictable, if it rains suddenly, then it will cause the customer to lose a lot of charcoal and suffer economic loss.

Can the drying step be omitted?

The drying step can not be omitted.

Recently, users of charcoal machines exported abroad have responded that the charcoal sticks produced are not shaped, do not light well, and also appear to burst out sparks. These are because the charcoal is not dried after it is done. Generally speaking the charcoal made has a certain humidity, these raw materials cannot be used directly, and need to be dried by charcoal dryer to remove the excess water in the charcoal.

Charcoal briquettes drying system
charcoal briquettes drying system
Dry charcoal briquettes
dry charcoal briquettes

What charcoal briquette dryers we can offer?

Our company provide two kinds of charcoal dryer, including box-type dryer and mesh belt drying machine.

Charcoal briquettes dryer
charcoal briquettes dryer

Box type charcoal dryer is very common in charcoal industry, it can dry various types of charcoal blocks, such as barbecue charcoal and honeycomb coal and honeycomb charcoal, etc. It is very efficient to dry with the machine and improve the various strength index of charcoal. The charcoal briquette dryer can modulate the temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of the dried material.

Mesh belt dryer 1

The mesh belt dryer is very suitable for drying small charcoal, such as round or square hookah charcoal. The mesh belt dryer mainly conveys the charcoal to the flat mesh belt through the conveyor and dries the water of charcoal through the drive of mesh bag and high temperature, with the mesh belt dryer can improve the air permeability of the material and the uniformity of drying.