Sawdust Press Machine Shipped to Bangladesh in 2022

Good news to everyone! WOOD machinery has shipped a sawdust press machine to Bangladesh last month. The customer in Bangladesh will use the sawdust briquette maker to produce compressed sawdust briquettes. We will introduce the successful case for your reference, if you have the same requirement, please leave your message on our website.

Introduction of the cooperation with Bangladesh customer

The customer from Bangladesh is in the charcoal and biomass fuel business and he has his own factory in the area. He mainly prodce charcoal and sawdust biomass briquettes to the market. After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer’s raw material is wood chips and he needs a dryer to process the raw material and a sawdust briquette maker to produce the compressed sawdust briquettes.

The customer pays more attention to the quality of the sawdust briquette machine, our sales manager Crystal sent him many pictures of the machine, feedback from other customers, videos of the machine working, and the final sawdust biomass briquette. Generally. The customer built up trust with Crystal while getting to know our machines and finally placed the order.

Load and delivery of sawdust briquette maker

Rotary dryer machine
Rotary Dryer Machine
Sawdust press machine shipped to bangladesh
Sawdust Press Machine Shipped To Bangladesh
Sawdust briquette maker shipped to bangladesh
sawdust briquette maker shipped to Bangladesh

Parameters of sawdust press machine shipped to Bangladesh

Rotary dryer machineModel: WD-R800
Power: 4kw
Capacity: 700-800kg per hour
Diameter: 800mm
Length: 8m
Cyclone diameter:1.2m
Weight: 2500kg
Thickness: 8mm
Including a control cabinet
Material: Q235 steel
Sawdust press machineModel: WD-50
Power: 18.5kw
Capacity: 250kg per hour one set
Dimension: 1770x700x1450mm
Weight: 950kg
Material: Q235 steel