What can I do with leftover peanut shells?

April 21,2022

In the eyes of most people, peanut shells are often treated like garbage, but peanut shells are very good biological resources if they are used well. Peanut shells contain a lot of crude fiber and have relatively high nutritional value, which can be made into animal feed. , can also be used as fertilizer after fermentation. Because peanut shells are rich in wood fibers, they can be made into charcoal and activated carbon after being carbonized at high temperature in a carbonization furnace.

Peanut shells
peanut shells

Making biomass briquettes

Peanut shells can be used to make biomass briquettes, which are crushed by a wood crusher firstly, and then put them into a sawdust briquette extruding machine, and the biomass sticks are extruded under a high temperature and high-pressure environment. These biomass briquettes are often used as fuel. They are used for heating and industrial boiler fuel in northern winter, becoming the most environmentally friendly and economical new energy fuel to replace coal.


Making peanut shell charcoal

The peanut shell carbonization machine is used to make charcoal rods. First, the peanut shells are put into a continuous carbonization furnace, and after a long period of high temperature carbonization, they become peanut shell charcoal. Then pulverize it with a charcoal pulverizer, adding a little binder and water, and use a peanut shell charcoal making machine to make charcoal briquette of different shapes.

Iraq charcoal briquette machine
peanut shell charcoal making machine
Charcoal products
charcoal products

Making peanut shell activated carbon

To make activated carbon, it is further produced and processed by the chemical activation method or gas activation method after the peanut shell is carbonized. The porosity structure of activated carbon is very developed, and it is generally used to absorb metal materials in water or a few harmful substances in the air. In our daily life, it is often used to place a little activated carbon in the newly renovated house to absorb indoor formaldehyde.

Peanut shell activated carbon
peanut shell activated carbon

Every year, the countryside throws away or burns a lot of peanut shells, branches, tree branches, sawdust, etc. These things are often burned or thrown away as firewood in rural areas, but these peanut shells can be processed into animal feed, biomass fuel, charcoal Rods and activated carbon, the processed products have good market prospects and are very profitable industries.