What are the uses of bamboo charcoal?

April 20,2022

Bamboo charcoal is a kind of charcoal made from bamboo that has grown for many years. It is fired at a high temperature of nearly 1,000 degrees in a carbonization furnace. Bamboo charcoal has a loose and porous structure, its molecules are fine and porous, and its texture is hard. Bamboo charcoal has many characteristics and also has many uses.

Bamboo charcoal
bamboo charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal and Life

The tiny pores of bamboo charcoal can absorb the ethylene gas produced by the refrigerator food or the odor produced by the spoiled fish, so as to keep the freshness of vegetables, fruits, and fish. The charcoal can be placed in the refrigerator to eliminate the odor of food, etc., and to keep the food fresh and not deteriorated; it can also be placed in the rice jar to prevent insects and keep the rice jar dry; it can be placed in the window and cabinet to dehumidify and prevent mildew.

Bamboo charcoal is a porous material with a large number of tiny pores, a considerable specific surface area, and strong adsorption properties, which can absorb residual chlorine and other chemicals in the water. Therefore, bamboo charcoal is suitable for the purification of river water and domestic water.

Bamboo Charcoal Food

Bamboo charcoal can absorb harmful substances in the human body, purify toxins, help the human body to digest and excrete, detoxify and beautify the face. Bamboo charcoal bread is the most common bamboo charcoal food on the market today. It is sought after by many young people and smells similar to ordinary bread. This kind of bread is made with very fine edible bamboo charcoal powder.

Bamboo charcoal toast
bamboo charcoal toast
Bamboo charcoal bread
bamboo charcoal bread

Bamboo Charcoal Peanut is a bamboo charcoal food that is activated by high-tech nanotechnology, ground into powder and added to food as an additive.

Bamboo charcoal peanut
bamboo charcoal peanut