Special-interest Drink–Charcoal Coffee

December 20,2021

If you are also a coffee lover, what kind of coffee do you usually like to drink? Latte, cappuccino, or iced American? If you travel to Indonesia and are lucky, you might find charcoal coffee on the menu. The reason why it is called charcoal coffee is that the store really throws a piece of hot charcoal into the coffee.

According to a report by the American oddity central website, this kind of coffee is said to have been invented by the owner of a local coffee shop in the 1960s for gastrointestinal conditioning. At that time, the owner made coffee as usual. I took a piece of hot charcoal and put it into the coffee. After tasting it, I found that the charcoal actually gave the coffee a unique taste. Slowly, this coffee became famous locally. What is so good about charcoal coffee? Related researchers analyzed charcoal coffee and found that charcoal absorbed part of the caffeine and neutralized a certain acidity. The red-hot charcoal also burned part of the sugar in the coffee, making the charcoal coffee unique. Those who like a full-bodied coffee taste must not miss it.

Coffee with charcoal
coffee with charcoal

Tourists from Australia were given the opportunity to taste charcoal roasted coffee during their trip to Yogyakarta. He described charcoal roasted coffee as a beer with magical ingredients. “Blow off the loose ashes and touch the hot carbon with your lips. When the silky coffee slips into your mouth, you will get the experience of a German dark beer. The top carbon has a strong taste and turns into caramel in an instant.”

Indonesia is rich in forest resources, with a large number of mangroves and coconut trees growing. As one of the main countries producing and exporting charcoal, the related charcoal industry is also relatively developed. Indonesia not only uses charcoal for barbecue and heating but also uses charcoal products in its daily diet. Charcoal can even be seen in coffee. Therefore, commercial charcoal processing machines are very common in Indonesia. Various new types of charcoal machines, such as hookah charcoal machines, and charcoal furnaces, were introduced into Indonesia to improve the efficiency of charcoal production.