The branch shredder turns waste branches into treasures

December 30,2021

Landscape trees need to be pruned regularly

Whether it is a forest orchard or the greening trees on both sides of urban roads, people need to trim dead branches for them on a regular basis. Frequent pruning of branches can improve the quality of wood, improve the grade of logs and finished timber, and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Landscape trees need to be pruned regularly
Landscape trees need to be pruned regularly

In the garden landscape, hedgerows need to be trimmed into various shapes. To maintain the graceful shape of the hedgerows, it is necessary to trim the crown regularly to make the tree shape plumper and more realistic.
The street trees in the city include phoenix trees, albizia flowers, camphor trees, etc. In order to make the trees tall and healthy, with lush branches and dense flowers, pruning is an indispensable maintenance method.

It is necessary to trim the crown regularly
it is necessary to trim the crown regularly

How to deal with pruned branches and leaves?

In the past, due to the indifference of environmental protection awareness and negligence in supervision, people may directly burn the pruned branches and leaves. However, with the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, the burning of branches no longer meets the social requirements, and many governments have also explicitly banned open air. Incineration of biomass materials such as branches and straws. In addition, stacking or landfilling will take up a lot of space and is not a good way to dispose of discarded branches.

The branch shredder is a new type of equipment that can process branches, tree trunks and other raw materials into wood chips at one time. The road greening shredder is equipped with a traction device that can be connected to the front transportation vehicle, which is convenient to move. The debris discharged from the discharge port can be directly collected on the transport truck.

The sawdust crushed by the branch shredder can be used as a natural organic fertilizer in the green space, and it can also improve the water storage capacity of the soil and effectively enhance the air permeability of the soil. At the same time, wood chips, as an important power generation fuel and papermaking raw material, are in great demand in the market.