What features should high-quality hookah charcoal have?

December 17,2021

Hardness requirement

The hookah charcoal must be hard enough, otherwise, it will crack when it burns. A piece of high-quality hookah charcoal will not crack during the combustion process and is always a complete block. The shisha charcoal machine developed by WOOD machinery has the ability to press hookah with large hardness, which is popular by domestic and foreign customers. There are a variety of pressures to choose from, the largest can reach 100 tons, which meets the hardness and density of hookah charcoal.
Pinch the hookah charcoal with your hands, or hit the hookah charcoal against the cement floor. If it does not break or drop the slag, it means that the hardness is up to the standard.

Density of hookah charcoal

The density of good hookah charcoal is relatively high, generally speaking, the specific gravity exceeds 1.3. We can experiment with a small test, put a piece of hookah charcoal into the water, if it sinks, it means that its specific gravity is greater than 1, and it is qualified hookah charcoal. Hookah charcoal can remain intact in water for a long time. If it dissolves in a short time, it means that the quality of hookah charcoal is not good.

Shisha charcoals
shisha charcoals

Ignition time

A major feature of hookah charcoal is its rapid burning. It is different from barbecue charcoal. Generally speaking, it is ignited within five minutes, and then there is a layer of ash. Good hookah charcoal requires the ash to fall off automatically.

Burning time

The most important feature of hookah charcoal is its long burning time. If the hookah charcoal is burned out during smoking, another piece of charcoal must be re-ignited, which is undoubtedly very troublesome. Therefore, customers will make requirements for the burning time of hookah charcoal. For example, 15mm25mm25mm hookah charcoal burns for at least one hour, while 25mm25mm25mm hookah charcoal burns for at least 90 minutes.

Ash characteristics

Generally, customers require that the color of hookah charcoal is off-white, but the color of ash has a lot to do with the raw materials and binder components of hookah charcoal. Good hookah charcoal requires ash content not higher than 6%.