One wood shaving mill exported to Botswana

Congratulations! Our wood shaving mill has exported to Botswana successfully. Our wood shaving machines have been shipped to many countries like the United Arab Emirates,the good quality of machines gains a lot of customers for us.

Brief introduction of wood shaving mill

The shavings processed by the wood shaving mill are almost the same as the shavings that are pushed out by the woodworker’s hand planer. They are thin, soft, and have a good texture. They can also be mass-produced in batches, which not only saves time and manpower but also improves productivity. Efficiency meets the needs of social development. The shaving products produced by wood shaving machines are often used in the production of particleboard, papermaking, bio-energy fuels, pet litter, poultry farming, logistics fragile litter, etc.

Wood shavings for horse bedding
Wood Shavings

Parameters of Botswana wood shaving mill

WD-60015kw500kg per hour12 months

Wood shaving machines are available with two types of power, electric motors and diesel engines. The customer in Botswana chose the electric motor model.

Shuliy wood shaving machine for sale

The working capacity of the wood shaving machine has increased by 60% compared with the past after continuous improvement in our factory, and the product has now reached a mature and stable level. When using the wood shaving mill, the wood is fed into the machine through the feed port, passes through the blade inside the machine, and then passes through the screen to produce shavings of uniform size. In addition, the thickness of the shaving machine can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Our company attaches importance to the feedback information from customers and keeps improving the shortage in production to make our products stable for you, if you have any demand, please contact us immediately.

Wood shaving machines in our plant
Wood Shaving Machines In Our Plant

Load and delivery of Botswana wood shaving mill

The WD-600 wood shaving machine has been shipped to Botswana already. The delivery time is about 20 days. If the foreign customer has any questions about installation or usage, our sales manager will take some instruction videos to them or teach them online.