One wood chipper machine shipped to UAE successfully

Congratulations! Our machines have been successfully exported to the UAE. Recently, a customer in UAE contacted us about purchasing a small wood chipper to shred old wood and start a new business. After comparing multiple manufacturers, the customer placed an order with us.

What can a log chipper do?

Mushroom wood crusher, also called wood chip machine, belongs to one of the wood processing series equipment. This machine can process various kinds of wood, wood scraps, branches and forks, bark, bamboo, and other raw materials into square wood chips at one time, which is widely used in the preparation section in the production process of textile, paper making, pulp making, artificial board, and other industries.

Why choose Shuliy wood chipper?

  1. The size and length of the inlet and outlet of the chipper can be customized. For large chippers we can set a flat inlet, which is convenient for feeding large pieces of wood and saves manpower. The power mode of chipper is electric motor and diesel engine, which can be chosen according to the actual situation of customers.
  2. Shuliy wood chippers are easy to operate, with large production capacity, the size of wood chips can be adjusted according to the size of the screen, which can adapt to the different requirements of wood chip length in paper making, fiberboard and particle board industries.
  3. With high qualified rate of finished products and low energy consumption per unit of wood chip output, the wood chipper is the ideal equipment for producing high quality wood chips.

Wood chipper machine video

What are the tips for choosing a sawdust machine?

For large equipment like wood chipper machines, it is best to choose manufacturers with outstanding strength and years of experience in research and development, so it is necessary to evaluate the development history of interested manufacturers, it is best to visit the site, try out the machine and compare several more. On this basis combined with the technical resources and after-sales service held by the wood chip machine manufacturer to assess its comprehensive strength.

Details of UAE wood chipper machine

ModelPowerCapacitySuitable wood diameterDimensionWeight
WD-60015kw1000-1500kg per hour13cm1.6*0.6*1.1m650kg

Load and delivery of UAE wood chipper

Wood chipper
Wood Chipper
Log chipper
One Wood Chipper Machine Shipped To Uae Successfully 4
Wood chipper sent to uae
Wood Chipper Sent To Uae