Wood crusher machine shipped to Turkmenistan

Wood machinery has produce wood processing machines for over ten years, and has rich experience cooperation with customers around the world. Recently, one customer from Turkmenistan chose our company and bought a wood crushing machine and a wwood shaving machine from our plant. Both of the machines have been shipped to Turkmenistan, the customer tested the machines and express grateful to us.

Parameters of Turkmenistan wood crusher machine

Our customer from Turkmenistan bought two wood processing machines, including a wood crusher and and a wood shaving machine. The model is WD 420, which is a small type for beginners. The detailed messages of the two machines are following.

ItemsModelPowerCapacityThe number of bladeFeeding inlet diameterSizeWeightPacking sizePacking weight
Wood crushing machineWD-4207.5kw500kg/h4190mm*160mm1.2*0.5*0.7m140kg1.25*0.6*0.7m180kg
Wood shaving machineWD-4207.5kw300kg/h4170mm*90mm1.15*0.4*0.6m130kg1.25*0.5*0.7m170kg

Turkmenistan wood crusher machine display

Both the wood shredder and the wood crushing machine are boxed with an extra pair of knives, a sieve. Among them, the size of the screen mesh of the wood shredder is 5mm in diameter, and the size of the screen mesh of the wood shaving machine is 8mm. The customer from Turkmenistan has his own motor, so we are required to pack without the motor, only the belt and pulley on the two sets of motors.

Our machine is guaranteed within one year. The structure of the pulverizer and the wood shaving machine is simple, and no complicated installation is required. The user can get it and start using it.

Wood crusher machine
Wood Crusher Machine
Wood crushing machine
Wood Crushing Machine

Wood crusher machine feedback from our customers

WOOD machinery has exported a number of machines to many countries. For example, we shipped one wood shaving machine to Botswana last week, the customer used the machine and then felt the wood shaving machine will help them a lot, and regarded the quality of the machine is excellent. Our customer in Turkmenistan also received the equipment on time, now they are going to use them in their wood processing factory.

Customer feedback
Customer Feedback