Iraqi customer purchased our charcoal briquette machine

Our company’s charcoal briquette extruders are very popular and have been exported to all over the world. Recently, customers in Iraq also consulted us about coal briquette extruders and finally purchased two of them and one charcoal pulverizer.

The sales of WOOD machinery charcoal extruder machines continue to maintain a momentum of growth. Investigating the reasons for this, the industry expert gave us the following analysis, which can explain why charcoal extruder machine are so popular. To begin with, there are many types of raw materials fit to the charcoal briquette machine. Such as charcoal powder, coal powder and grass powder. Secondly, the price of the charcoal extruder is not high, the small invest can make a big profit.

Why did Iraqi customers choose us?

The customer has a lot of coconut shells locally, and he wants to make charcoal from the coconut shells, and then sell them to make a profit. In search of the right machine, he browsed our website online and found a sales manager who expressed his needs.

The account manager Beco learned that he was just starting the coconut shell charcoal business and wanted to try it first to see how it works, so Beco recommended WD-CB180 to him for its moderate yield. The customer has his own carbonization furnace, but because the coconut shell is relatively large, he also wants a charcoal pulverizer that can pulverize coconut shell charcoal, so the sales manager recommended the hammer mill to him, which is the most popular in our factory One of the shredders.

Charcoal extruder mahines in our factory
charcoal extruder mahines in our factory
Charcoal machine
charcoal machine
Iraq charcoal briquette machine
Iraq charcoal briquette machine

Product catalog of our customer in Iraq

Charcoal crusherModel:WD-HM 600
Capacity:800-1000 kg/h
Number of hammer:40 pcs
Size of Shakron size:80cm
Including dust collector
Including Air-lock valve
Including control cabinet
The final charcoal powder size should be 2mm
Charcoal briquette extruder   Model: WD-CB140
Capacity:400-500 kg/h
The thickness of machines:25mm 
Mold shapehexagonal shape with 23mm *2,(two holes)
1 mold hexagon 20mm(two holes)
1 mold cube 28*28mm, middle hole size 5-6mm(one hole)
Charcoal briquette extruderModel:WD-CB180
Capacity:800-1000 kg/h
Thickness of machines:25mm 
Mold shapeModel shape:hexagonal with 25mm(two holes)