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Why are charcoal extruder machines so popular?

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The sales of WOOD machinery charcoal extruder machines continue to maintain a momentum of growth. Investigating the reasons for this, the industry expert gave us the following analysis.

1. Low investment cost

Charcoal briquette machine is a small investment, high-yield product. The price of the charcoal extruder machine is not high, and the raw materials are easy to obtain. With the characteristics of the easy investment and guaranteed profit, you can open a factory to produce coal rods at a very low cost, which not only lowers the investment threshold but also effectively avoids risks.

2. Wide source of raw materials

With the development of technology, the charcoal extruder machine can not only use coal powder and carbon powder as raw materials to process high-quality coal sticks and charcoal sticks but also use sawdust, twigs, corn stalks, straws, rice husks, etc. as raw materials. After the raw materials are put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, they are ground by crushers and then shaped into rods, and the ideal high-quality charcoal rods can be produced. Moreover, the available raw materials are everywhere, and the price of the raw materials is very low or even free. The method can fully realize good economic and social benefits.

3. Good market prospects

The density of bar charcoal is more than 3 times that of ordinary raw charcoal, it burns without smoke, has a calorific value of 5500-7000 kcal/KG, and has low ash content. Because of the above features, the application range of charcoal rods is very wide. At barbecue stalls, charcoal is used to grill delicious food. In the cold winter, you can burn charcoal sticks for heating. In industry, bar charcoal is used in steel smelting. Charcoal briquettes are also used as supplementary fuel for boilers.


The above are the reasons that promote the sales growth of coal stick machines. In a good situation, WOOD Machinery designed a complete charcoal briquette production line, which includes shredding, carbonization, mixing, drying, and packing. Welcome to learn more about charcoal extruder machines, and all staff will serve you wholeheartedly.