How to improve the efficiency of the sawdust pellet machine?

December 02,2022

We know that a sawdust pellet machine is a professional machine for producing biomass wood pellets, and the wood chip pellets extruded from it are used for many purposes, such as power plants, boilers, fireplaces and so on. So the wood pellet machine is so widely used, how should we improve the production efficiency of the wood pellet mill?

Sawdust pellet machine
Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

Adjust the sawdust pellet machine

When the staff put the raw materials to the sawdust pellet machine, try to maintain the same speed, it is best to use an automatic conveyor belt, so as to keep the machine running at high speed, and the pellet mill will be smoother.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of low output and no discharge of the machine, users should choose the die with a suitable compression ratio according to different materials.

When setting the parameters of the sawdust pellet machine, the gap between the template and the pressure wheel of the wood chip pellet mill is very critical. A reasonable compression gap can improve the molding rate of the wood pellet mill, and at the same time, it can reduce the degree of wear of the abrasives and the pressure wheel.

Prepare qualified raw materials

If you want to make good quality sawdust, the moisture of raw materials should be controlled at about 13%. Because the finished product is biomass fuel, the material moisture must be strictly controlled. If the moisture of the raw material is too high, the final pellets made will be very loose, and the wood chip pellets of bad quality will naturally not sell at a good price.

Paying attention to the size of the wood chips is very important. Generally, choose one-third of the diameter of the particle diameter screen screening wood chips, so as to ensure that the wood chip pellet machine raw materials of uniform size, raw materials are too large, it will increase the wear and tear of the pressure stick and grinding tools, raw materials are too small will have an impact on the molding length of the particles.

The cleaning and maintenance of the wood pellet mill is also an important part of the factory after each use to thoroughly clean the machine, and then regular maintenance of the machine, which is the basic guarantee to improve the efficiency of the use of equipment.