Amazing hookah charcoal briquette maker working process

May 08,2023

The hookah charcoal briquette maker is a machine that is used to make hookah charcoal briquettes from charcoal powder, coconut shell powder, and other materials. The working process of the hookah charcoal briquette maker is amazing. Today we will show you how a hookah briquette machine work.

How to produce round or square hookah briquettes?

Preparation of raw materials: The first step is to prepare the raw materials, which involves crushing the charcoal and carbonized coconut shell into powder.

Mixing the raw materials: The next step is to mix the charcoal powder with a binder such as starch or molasses to form a paste.

Feeding the paste into the charcoal briquette machine: The paste is then fed into the hookah charcoal briquette maker.

Compression and molding: The briquette maker compresses the paste and molds it into the desired shape and size.

Drying: The final briquettes are then dried in the sun or in a charcoal briquette dryer machine to remove the moisture and harden the briquettes.

Packaging: The final step is to package the dried briquettes and store them for use.

Working video of hookah charcoal briquette maker

The procedure of creating spherical water-smoke charcoal using the shisha charcoal production machine made by our company is demonstrated in the video. This hookah charcoal machine’s entire body is constructed of stainless steel, which has a long lifespan and is resistant to rust and corrosion. The machine’s high-pressure results in dense, difficult-to-crack water-smoke charcoal.