Malaysia customer visits factory for wood pallet press machine

April 21,2023

A Malaysian customer recently visited our factory in China and purchased a wood pallet press machine for the manufacture of molded wood pallets. This customer has a large amount of palm fiber and he needed an efficient machine to produce high-quality compressed pallets. Our sales manager, Crystal, took the customer on a tour of our plant and showed the production process of the wood pallet making machine.

Introduction of compressed wood pallet machine

The hydraulic wood pallet press machine is designed for processing wood chips, coconut shells, and palm fibers to produce compressed wood pallets with dimensions of 1200*1000mm or other sizes. The machine uses advanced technology and is capable of applying forces of up to 1000 tons to shrink raw materials into strong and beautiful wooden pallets. In addition, the wood pallet press machine has efficient automation features that greatly improve production efficiency.

Malaysia customer’s visit to plant

Before the Malaysian customer arrived at our factory, we arranged the tour itinerary in advance and prepared a detailed tour plan for the customer. When the customer arrived at our factory, our professional staff led the customer to see the machine and the finished wooden pallets. We showed our hydraulic wood pallet press to the customer, introduced the structure and working principle of the wood pallet press machine, and demonstrated the operation process of the machine to the customer.

After seeing the final wooden pallets, the customer was very satisfied with the machine and the manufacturing process and had an in-depth discussion with our sales team, expressing his strong interest in our hydraulic wooden pallet presses.

Wood pallet press machine
Wood Pallet Press Machine

Our sales team also gave the customer detailed instructions, answered their questions, and provided them with professional technical support and after-sales service. Finally, the customer decided to buy our 1000-ton wood pallet press machine and expressed his great satisfaction with our equipment and service.

During the visit, we provided our customers with a good visiting experience and service. Therefore, they had a deeper understanding of our company and products. We always adhere to the customer-oriented service concept and constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and services. Providing our customers with the best quality products and services is alway our first objective.

Working video of wood pallet production machine

Is palm fiber a good raw material for wood pallet press?

Palm fiber is a very durable and strong material that is ideal for the production of wooden pallets. Its durability and sturdiness allow it to withstand weight and pressure, is not easily deformed, and has a high load-bearing capacity. In addition, palm fiber is also an environmentally friendly material, as it is made from naturally renewable palm leaves and does not negatively impact the environment.