What are the advantages and attentions of the drum chipper?

November 24,2021

Waste wood has always been a hot topic in the forestry industry. The use-value of processed waste wood far exceeds the value of selling directly. We can use a drum chipper machine to process waste wood into chips, such as discarded logs, pines, poplar, branches, and slats. The processed materials apply to multiple industries for the purpose of re-use. And these chips also can bring us a lot of profits.

Why do many people choose the drum chipper?

Drum wood chipper is used by domestic and foreign merchants for its superior performance, high quality, and high-cost performance, etc. It is a special piece of equipment for preparing high-quality wood chips. The wood chipping machine is suitable for various paper mills, particleboard plants, fiberboard factories, wood chip production bases, and wood chip export bases. It can cut logs, small-diameter wood(not more than 300mm), branches, and boards into high-quality industrial wood chips with relatively uniform length, flat cuts, and uniform thickness.


The superiority of the design of drum type wood chipper

The blades of the drum chipper machine are wear-resistant and sharp, reliable, and advanced. The unique design of the cutting system greatly improves the service life of the equipment. The crushing chamber has the characteristics of large working impact, high production efficiency, and strong crushing capacity. The drum wood chipper has low consumption of wearing parts, low operating cost, reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technology, reliable operation. All parts of the chipper are protected against wear, reducing maintenance costs to the minimum.

The blade of the drum wood chipping machine
the blade of the drum wood chipping machine

Safe precautions of operating

  1. Do not open the inspection door to operate when the drum chipper is running. 
  2. Cut off the power when checking the inside of the machine.
  3. Get the link with the central control unit and take precautionary measures.
  4. When an overload stop occurs, check the equipment and internal conditions. It is forbidden to start it forcibly.
  5. The operator should contact relevant personnel immediately if the blade in stuck by something. Do not handle it without professional guidance.