The reason for the smoke when the chipper machine is operating

November 23,2021

Machines always have various problems when working a long time, and the wood chipper machine is no exception. For example, the wood chipper machine suddenly produces smoke during normal operation. Generally, this situation is usually caused by our improper operation in the application. So what are the specific reasons and what are the solutions?

First, observe whether the temperature of the wood chip machine is too high, and the smoke is caused by slow heat dissipation. Suspending the operation and making the machine cool down naturally may be the available method.

Second, check whether the internal electric fan of the wood chip machine is damaged. If the machine emits smoke due to reversal or failure to install, it should be equipped with an electric fan. The damaged electric fan should be repaired or replaced in time.

Third,the damage or excessive wear of the bearing will also affect the work of the wood chipper. If the motor rotors collide with each other and cause smoke, you can check whether the bearings of the wood chipper are loose and whether the motor rotor is installed incorrectly.

During the operation of the wood chip machine, if there is smoke, operators must solve it in time. When necessary, we need to turn off the machine, and the manufacturer must discover the cause of the problem in time, and then solve the problem and avoid it.