Turning Waste Coconut Shells into Treasures

January 22,2022

In recent years, the Internet celebrity coffee brand created by the Internet celebrity coffee brand around coconuts, coconut juice drinks, and coconut latte, aroused the market’s attention and discussion on coconuts, and also boosted the popularity of coconut elements. With the increasing market demand for coconut products, the coconut processing industry has also entered a period of opportunity.

But coconut products are more than that. In addition to coconut meat and coconut water, coconut shell is also can be processed and utilized. Coconut shells are useless junk in our opinion, but after knowing what coconut shells do, they do have a high-profit margin after some processing.

Coconut shells
Coconut shells

Crushing coconut shell for gardening

After the coconut shell is shredded by a crusher, it can be used to mix the soil, making the soil more loose and breathable, which is conducive to the growth of plants. Coconut husks are an excellent reusable growing medium. The fiber in the coconut shell contains a lot of void structure, which can absorb more water while maintaining good ventilation, which is beneficial to the growth of plant roots. Additionally, the coconut shell chips can also be used for bedding for some kinds of pets, such as birds, turtles, lizards and chameleons.

Carbonized coconut shell for fuel

Coconut shell carbonization material is an important deep processing product of coconut shell, which is widely used in civil and industrial fuels. At the same time, coconut shell charcoal is also the main raw material for the manufacture of activated carbon.

Coconut shell hookah charcoal

In the Middle East, many locals like to smoke hookah, which is their daily hobby. To light a hookah, the quality of hookah charcoal is very important. Arabian hookah charcoal is a high-tech, environmentally friendly product with exquisite appearance and fast and convenient use. It is refined from selected coconut shell charcoal powder and a special ignition agent, which can be burned at one point, and is smokeless and tasteless during the burning process. It is a high-quality product specially made for hookah users. High-quality hookah charcoal has fast ignition speed, long burning time, slightly smoke, tasteless and non-toxic, and is mainly sold in Europe, America, and the Middle East. Coconut shell is one of the best raw materials for making hookah charcoal.

From this point of view, coconut shell has a very high economic added value, which is very suitable for people who do gardening business, wood processing factory and charcoal business.