How to prolong the service life of coal briquette machines?

January 10,2022
coal briquette machines need maintenance

No matter how superior the performance and quality of the coal briquette machine is, all machines need to be maintained after a period of use. Only in this way can the service life of your coal briquette machines be extended, and the quality of the coal sticks produced can be ensured. At the same time, there are some points to pay attention to when using coal stick machines. The improper operation will also affect the life of the machine. New and old users are always welcome to consult us about coal stick machines.

Three points to maintain coal briquette machines

  1. Maintain the feeding part of the machine. This link is mainly to check whether there is a distance deviation between the feeder and the extrusion cylinder. If there is a deviation, adjust it immediately. Tighten the loose screw is also very important.
  2. The operator should maintain the bearings of the various parts of coal briquettes. The maintenance method is to add some lubricating oil to each bearing, ensuring the smooth operation of the bearing.
  3. After the coal stick machine is used, there will be residual materials inside the machine. In order to prevent the material from becoming hard and blocking the discharge port, which affects the use of the next day. Therefore, the operator should clean the machine in time before leaving get off work.

Three prohibitions of the charcoal extruder

  1. Putting charcoal powder into the feed port before turn on the machine is forbidden. If the material is loaded before starting up, the load of the motor is severely increased. As a result, the service life of the motor will be greatly reduced, and the motor may even be burnt. The correct order of use is to let the equipment run idling for 3 minutes when starting up to ensure all aspects are correct before filling.
  2. When the humidity of the raw materials is not suitable, the service life of the coal briquette machine will reduced. Whether the production process of the coal stick machine can proceed smoothly is related to the degree of humidity of the pulverized coal. If the moisture is too large, it will not be demoulded. If the pulverized coal is too dry, it will different to form. As a result, the life of the coal stick machine is shortened. Forturnately, we have
  3. Operating out of order is one of those prohibitions. The production of coal briquettte making machine is in a certain order. Therefore, the use of charcoal extruder machine must be operated in strict accordance. In some coal briquette processing plant, some operators do not operate in sequence due to lack of practical experience. In this way, they will not produce high-quality products, and the machine will also be damaged.