Advantages of sawdust block machine and sawdust blocks

January 18,2023

Sawdust block machine is a professional machine to produce wood blocks for pallets, Shuliy Group has helped many customers start their wood block businesses. We have exported sawdust pallet block-making machine to Indonesia, Turkey, Romania, and many other countries. If you are interested in the wood pallet block machine, feel free to contact us.

Sawdust block machine advantages

The sawdust block machine mainly produces wood blocks, which are professionally used to make wood pallets. The machine uses waste wood chips and wood shavings as raw materials. The raw materials should be dried by a drying machine first, and then mixed with glue evenly, then the sawdust will be pressed by pressure and high temperature.

Wood block making machine
Wood Block Making Machine

The sawdust block machine is suitable for customers with high requirements, according to the size of the specifications required by customers, we can customize molds for them. The sawdust blocks made by the sawdust brick maker do not need to be fumigated, the whole production process is convenient and fast.

Shuliy Machinery provides a complete sawdust block production line and professionally customized solutions. Customers can choose all the machine needed. The necessary machines of the production line includes wood crusher machine, sawdust dryer machine and glue mixer. Our sales managers will recommend the best solution for each customer.

Sawdust block machine
3D Display Of Sawdust Block Production Line

Features of sawdust pallet block

Pallet foot piers are compressed wood blocks, they are used to raise and protect wood pallets. The raw material is wood chips and sawdust, they are very cheap, so making wood pallet blocks can get a profit. The style of the pallet is different, the common model can be divided into square foot pier and rectangular foot pier. Wooden pallets are generally available in the following specifications: 80X80Mm, 90X90mm, and 10X11mm. If there are special requirements, our factory can customize other types of molds for customers.

The advantages of compressed sawdust blocks include no fumigation, high quality and low price, easy processing, and high production volume. The finished product is easy to cut and has good load-bearing capacity. Sawdust blocks use waste material as raw material, which saves a lot of forest resources.

Sawdust brick making machine application
Sawdust Brick Making Machine Application