Evaluation standard of coal press machine product quality

January 06,2022

Charcoal briquette machines, also called coal press machine, which have always been welcomed by the majority of users, and sales of them have been rising. In order to ensure that the coal or charcoal rods made by users are of high quality, WOOD machinery will introduce you to the quality measurement standards and improvement measures of coal press machines. And we will teach you from which aspects to judge the quality of the products. When purchasing coal briquette machines, you can refer to where to choose and buy. I hope it will be helpful to you when you use the coal press machine.


Product quality measurement standards

1. Product appearance

The appearance of the product, whether the shape of the processed coal rod is regular, whether the surface of the coal rod is smooth and smooth, if there are cracks on the surface, it indicates that the production process needs to be improved.

2. Product strength

The strength of charcoal sticks is related to the combustion performance and whether it will break during transportation. Only if the strength is strong enough can the combustion effect be improved. Coal briquettes with high strength will also be more convenient for transportation. The factory can do some product hardness-related tests after production.

3. Using effect of the product

The quality and strength of the finished rod produced by the coal press machine can only be the external measurement standard of the product. The internal standard of the product depends on its use effect. Only when the smoke generated during use is small, the burning time is long, and the overall effect is good can it be truly reflect the value of the product.

How to improve the quality of the charcoal briquettes?

1. Improve processing technology

On the one hand, the processing technology includes the size of the crushed material, the optimization of the mechanical properties and accessories of the coal rod extruder. On the other hand, the technical level of the operator and the uniformity of the material mixing will also influence the products. WOOD machinery provides professional crushers, Raymond mills, etc., which can finely crush coal or charcoal. At the same time, welcome to buy our wheel mill, which can fully agitate and pre-press materials, moisture and adhesives.

2. Increase briquettes strength

Forming strength is the density of the product and the degree of aggregation of particles between materials. Only when the molding strength of the product is improved, it is not easy to be broken in the case of collision and so on. The pressure of the coal stick extruder is the key to improving the strength. If the pressure of the machine is large, the product will naturally aggregate and be strong, and the strength will naturally be large.

At the same time, if the raw materials are fully agitated and pre-pressed by the wheel grinding mill in advance, it will also help to increase the strength of the coal briquettes.