How to make charcoal briquettes of high quality?

January 04,2022

The quality of finished charcoal briquettes produced by the charcoal briquette machine affects the price and durability of the charcoal rods. As a user of coal rod machines, everyone wants to improve the quality of the charcoal rods they produce. However, what methods can improve the quality of charcoal sticks? Next, WOOD machinery will share several methods with you to improve product quality as much as possible.

Control the water content of charcoal rods

Reasonably control the water content of charcoal briquettes. The water content of coal rods is inversely proportional to the operating current of the charcoal briquette machine. During operation, it is judged whether the water content of the coal rods is appropriate according to the current of the coal rod machine. If it is too high or low, it will affect the quality of briquettes.

Stir and mix thoroughly

After the raw coal is crushed and added with a certain proportion of binder, sufficient mixing is required to allow sufficient time for moisture and binder to evenly penetrate into the raw coal particles. The same goes for charcoal powder. The purpose is to improve the binding properties of coal powder or charcoal powder and increase their plasticity through softening, which is an important part of improving the quality of coal sticks.

Replace wearing parts in time

After working for a period of time, the screw and propeller of the charcoal briquette machine are worn out, and the discharge end is prone to unevenness. When the casing of the coal stick machine head wears severely, the rod will become thicker, which will reduce the density and quality of the coal stick. Therefore, if the screw, forming mold, or propeller is severely worn, it should be replaced in time to improve the quality of the coal stick.

Ensure the size of coal powder

Ensure that the size of the pulverized coal powder is less than 8mm, and the charcoal powder is less than 1mm. Shuliy machinery can offer charcoal crusher machines of good quality, which can shred charcoal finely and even. Otherwise, the particle size will not meet the requirements, which will affect the quality and density of the coal rods, and will wear the inside of the machine body.