Should the dust removal device of the charcoal crusher be cleaned?

April 11,2022

Our company has professional R&D and sales of crushers for crushing wood or charcoals, which have been well received by customers at home and abroad. charcoal crusher is now a kind of equipment that is used more in resource recycling. With the continuous development of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for the machine. When we sell pulverizers, we will be equipped with dust removal devices to help customers collect dust.

Equipping a dust collector is not only a specific requirement for environmental protection products but also beneficial to the health of production personnel. But does the dust removal equipment of the wood shredder need to be cleaned? This is a question asked by many customers who purchase our wood shredders.

Shaclon and dust bags
Shaclon and dust bags of a charcoal crusher

The picture shows a wood crusher and its dust removal device. The charcoal crusher is equipped with a shaclon and a bag filter. The dust enters the bag through the pipe. The bag is made of special materials. With the current technical level of the bag filter, it is easy to meet the standards of filtration and environmental protection.

Charcoal crushers can pulverize wood or charcoal. The processed products are basically powder, many of the dust particles produced by the wood pulverizer are below 10 mesh. which has high adhesion and is not easy to clean. Long-term accumulation will cause great obstacles to the overall dedusting effect of the dedusting equipment.

Therefore, in order to make sure the capacity of the wood crusher, when you find that the dust removal effect is not good, you can clean the cloth bag, after the production is completed, the bag filter can be blown to blow out the powder deposits, which is one of the methods of cleaning the dust removal device. In addition, you can also take the bonding method, etc., to remove the dust and improve the dust removal effect of the wood shredder.

To sum up, the wood shredder should be maintained and cleaned on time, and the dust removal equipment should be cleaned regularly, which can better ensure the overall production effect of the wood shredder.