How to recycle waste wooden furniture?

April 25,2022

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people continue to buy the latest styles of furniture and then eliminate their own old furniture. The service life of many furniture is often only 5 to 8 years. The elimination of furniture products is accelerating, resulting in a number of waste wood furniture.

Used wooden furniture
Used Wooden Furniture

The necessity of recycling waste wooden furniture

These pieces of furniture are thrown into corridors, flower beds, and green belts, and become “garbage” that hinders public order. If they are not disposed of for a long time, they will not only occupy the living space of residents but will also cause damage to the surrounding living environment after being exposed to the sun and rain.

Recycling method of recycling waste wooden furniture

One of the methods to recycle wood furniture is making them into sawdust. It refers to pulverizing or chipping the waste wood furniture into wood chips. Then processing these wood chips to make wood-based panels, mainly into particleboard, fiberboard, and wood-plastic composite materials, etc. Some wooden pallets on the market are made of recycled wooden furniture, which is very resource-saving.

Since wooden furniture generally has a lot of nails, it is necessary to use a professional wood furniture crusher. The pulverized wood chips are made into biomass sticks through a sawdust briquette making machine, or the wood chips are carbonized into charcoal, which can be used as industrial fuels. It can be used in boilers or power generation, and can also be used as civil fuel. This method can effectively use waste furniture and relieve the situation of resource shortage to a certain extent, especially in areas where energy is scarce.

Comprehensive crusher
Waste Furniture Crusher

Another method of recycling is to treat the surface of waste furniture, remove metal and plastic accessories, remove surface paint, etc. by certain chemical and physical means, and then process it into materials of certain specifications, which are used again in furniture manufacturing and artificial board production. These woods can be repainted or veneered to look new.


Recycling waste wooden furniture is necessary nowadays. Using the above recycling methods can not only alleviate the shortage of wood resources and environmental pollution but also reduce the waste of renewable resources.