Biomass briquette machine shipped to Nigeria

Congratulations! Shuliy Group has just shipped a biomass briquette machine to Nigeria last month. The customer will use the briquette-making machine to make biomass briquettes. We will introduce the successful case for your reference, if you have the same requirements, contact us soon.

Information of Nigeria customer

The client in Nigeria runs a small farm and they have a large amount of rice husk and wood chips to dispose of every year. In order to increase their profitability, they decided to use this biomass waste and make them into biomass briquettes. If it goes well, they can also carbonize them into charcoal for sale at a later stage.

How did customers find Shuliy biomass briqutte machine?

A customer from Nigeria was in need of a biomass briquette machine to process his wood chips and rice husks. After browsing through many machines online, he came across our website and he noticed that there were many customers from different countries who were buying machines from Shuliy Group, including sawdust briquette machines, charcoal briquette machines, charcoal dryers, and so on. So, he became interested in our company and by leaving a message on the website, the customer quickly contacted our sales manager Beco.

Biomass briquette machine shipped to nigeria1
Biomass Briquette Machine
Biomass briquette machine
Biomass Briquette Machine
Sawdust briquette machine1 1
Biomass Briquette Machine Shipped To Nigeria 4

Parameters of biomass briquette machine in Nigeria

The customer purchased two biomass briquette machines for sale from Shuliy Group. We also prepare spare screws for sawdust briquette machines for free.

Machine nameBiomass briquette machine
Power18.5 kW
Warranty12 months