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What should we pay attention to when using a vertical log saw?

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Vertical log band saw
vertical log band saw

A wood band saw is commonly used log processing equipment, which can cut logs into planks of uniform thickness. Due to its superior performance and easy operation, the vertical log saw is welcomed by many customers. It is inseparable from wood processing plants of various sizes and furniture factories.

So what should we pay attention to in the process of using wood sawmills? How to extend the service life of woodworking band saw machines? WOOD Machinery will bring you some advice

1 Select the appropriate strip. No band saw blade is suitable for all sawing requirements and saw blades of various forms and features have different effects, including suitable blade width, tooth shape, and pitch. The operator can select the saw blade with suitable parameters according to the desired wood effect.

2. Sharpen the saw blade with some scrap first, The running-in can make the teeth wear naturally, remove the burrs on the tooth edges, and make the band saw blade gradually enter the normal sawing state. This avoids premature chipping and curling of the teeth when cutting some hardwood. When “running in”, the machine parameters should be adjusted.

3. The saw blade of the vertical log saw will become dull after a period of use, and the work efficiency will decrease. At this time, the saw blade needs to be sharpened again with the help of a gear grinder. After grinding 4 to 5 times, the saw blade will become very thin and cannot be used continuously, and a new saw blade needs to be replaced in time.

4. Before long-term storage, it is necessary to maintain the vertical log saw, repair damaged parts, and clean the saw blade. Should be parked in a dry room. If you have to park outdoors, you should choose a flat ground and cover it with a cloth after parking.

Placing logs
log carriage

5. Before using the log carriage, the driving speed and the thickness of the cut wood should be adjusted. Do not unload wood onto the carriage when it is not stationary.

6. Staff without a band saw operation experiences or training are not allowed to get on the carriage. Do not stretch your hands and feet to the edge of the log carriage during operation to prevent a collision.