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What kind of wood chips do paper mills need?

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Whether in ancient or modern times, there are basically four processes: selecting raw materials, making pulp, forming and drying. Papermaking usually uses wood chips, bamboo, wheat straw, and rice stalks are all raw materials for papermaking. With the development of the market and the impact on the environment, almost all of the raw materials purchased by paper mills are now made of wood. This kind of paper-making wood chip is processed by wood chippers. Therefore, this equipment is very popular in the paper industry.

The paper mill has certain requirements for the wood chips produced by the wood chipper:

  1. No matter what kind of wood, it must be peeled, so a wood peeling machine is very necessary. After the wood is peeled, it can be sent to the wood chipper to be processed into wood chips;

2. General paper mills do not have specific requirements for the size of wood after processing, but some paper mills require this, and some paper manufactures have requirements for the thickness of wood chips. Probably the thickness is 0.3-0.5 cm, and the length of the wood chips is 2-5 cm.