WD-CF1000 continuous carbonization furnace was exported to Ghana

There are many wood resources in Ghana, including palm trees and coconut trees. There are many local people in the processing business of edible palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil, so there are countless waste palm shells and coconut shells. At the same time, the local demand for barbecue charcoal is also very large.

Features of carbonization furnace for Ghana customer

A customer in Ghana learned about the difference between different types of carbonization furnaces when they consulted us. The customer said that the raw materials for producing charcoal are mixed, mainly agricultural wastes such as palm shells, coconut shells, and wood chips. We recommended the continuous carbonization furnace to him. And the customer’s output is relatively large, we recommended the continuous carbonization furnace model WD-CF1000 to him, and its hourly output is 800-1000kg.

Our Ghanaian customer has investigated the local area for a long time and finally decided to invest in the charcoal business. He plans to collect and purchase a large number of palm shells and coconut shells and use them to carbonize them into charcoal. He believes that his own investment decision is correct and will definitely create great returns.

Parameters of Ghana order

Main Power(kw)18.5
Carbonization Temperature(℃)500-800
Fan Power(kw)5.5